Vacation Rental
February to December
Contact: Hutchinson Island Real Estate

9803 South Ocean Drive
Jensen Beach, FL 34957
Office: 772-229-1300
Toll free: 866-229-1518

"A Peaceful Treat"

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Modest Older Unit, Furnished, Clean & Functional
All Electric. 1 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom, Sleeps 4-6
Pets Allowed.
Air Conditioning, Washer & Dryer.
TV (BlueStream)
Deck on Canal (to Indian River).

N.I. SECURITY 772-229-0988

KEYS - Lock front door deadbolt ONLY!
There are no keys for the keyed entry door knobs! (front or rear)
Please Only Lock DEADBOLTS!

NI MAP - There are no street name signs on Nettles Island. To find locations on Nettles you will need this lot number map (pdf):
Nettle Island Map

When you drive across the bridge onto Porpoise Island take first left then next right, take that road to the end then left and left again, unit will be on the right. The driveway is at an angle, so coming in the shorter way (without all these turns) makes pulling in to the driveway difficult, the street is very narrow.

BATH HOUSE - The bath house is located in the middle of Porpoise Island. (see #4 on map) Using the bath house is highly recommended! (male and female) A very short walk - just cross the street and follow the foot path (you will cross the 'inner circle' (road) to get there). The bath house is well maintained and comfortable.

ID TAGS - You must have ID tags to use the recreation center and beach pool. PLEASE DON'T LOSE THEM!

AWNINGS - Open / close as need. Unscrew wing nuts and release awning. Screw wing nut back onto screw to keep safe. There are aluminum pegs in a plastic box in cabinet at the end of kitchen counter. These are used to secure awnings in an open position.

WATER - Find the water valve for the unit on the North Side (left side when looking from the street). The small main valve is on lower section, the outdoor hose spicket is above. Turn the small main valve to have water in the unit (horizontal to the ground is "off").

ELECTRIC-main breakers are outside on the right side, rear of the trailer. More electric breakers are inside, in the bedroom closet.

OUTSIDE FURNITURE - Deck chairs and table may be tied down on air conditioner.

BEDS-Full size bed in bedroom. Both couches are beds. White couch unfolds to a bed.
Flowered couch use all 6 cushions. Pull out the lower part, it collapses into a futon bed.
Linen, blankets and pillows are in the hall closet.

SOME DRAWERS ARE OLD - Open with care.
-Pots and pans are under counter on the left and in the oven drawer and oven itself.
-cleaning materials are under sink in the kitchen and bathroom.
-plates, glasses, mugs, etc. in cabinets.
-utensils in left hand drawer.
-fire extinguisher on the refrigerator
-vacuum, brooms other household items in hall closet.

HALL CLOSET- Iron and Ironing board, broom, vacuum, paper products, extra chairs, pillows, blankets

BATHROOM-Towels in left hand cabinets, toilet paper, cleaning supplies under sink.

BEDROOM-Most cabinets are empty

KITCHEN-Check cabinets for dishes, bowls mugs, etc.

WASHER / DRYER - very slow. Good news is that you won't need many clothes, it's a sub-tropical a climate (sandals, shorts & T-shirt will be very comfortable most of the time).

HMO / Condo Association RULES

NI Ocean Pool Beach Webcams
Bathtub Beach
Blind Creek clothing-optional Beach
Shucker's (Beachside food & drink)
Publix (Google Map)
Hurricane Information (NOAA)

There is a walking shortcut to the recreation center between units 1039 & 1040
(Pool, Hot Tubs, Tennis / Pickle Ball Courts, Horseshoe, Bocce, Mini Golf, Basketball, Pool Table, Cafe and more)
Nettle Island Map (pdf)
1138 is on Arizona Loop, Porpoise Island (South).


You will probably not need to shut down (arrangments have been made to have that done),
However, if you do shut down PLEASE! do the following:

FURNITURE - All deck tables and chairs MUST be tied down and covered with a tarp
. All outside equipment stored on/by the air conditioner

WINDOWS - all closed and locked, blinds closed, awnings down (4 of them)
and the pegs put back into plastic container located in cabinet at end of kitchen counter.

REFRIGERATOR - Clean refrigerator.

WATER - valve is on the outside, side of unit. TURN OFF WHEN LEAVING.

Wash towels and linens fold, put back in bathroom cabinets.


Dishes washed and put away.

Garbage out.

Only lock dead bolts (upper locks) and returned to rental office.


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